Polis – The untouched, natural wonder of Cyprus

There is one region in particular which seems to be gathering a reputation as the latest place to offer everything under one sky. The Polis region, which encompasses the northwest region of Cyprus, about 30 minutes’ drive from the popular Pafos resort area and 45 minutes from Pafos International Airport, is one of those places which holds a quiet sort of attraction to all those who visit it.

From developed areas to the untouched magnificent Akamas Peninsula, this area is renowned for its freshest fish ‘meze’ and aquatic attractions, pristine beaches and sparkling waters; Polis is no longer the poorer cousin of Pafos. Instead, it gives one the chance to enjoy Cyprus, as those who are lucky enough to live there do.

There are about four walking paths set in the Akamas region, where one can take in the natural beauty that leaves one breathless for more. Fancy something a little more adventurous? Simply hop on one of the jeep safaris in the Akamas and hold on while one goes through some pretty tough but exhilarating wild terrain. Naturally, being a predominantly Greek island, one is bound to encounter some kind of mythology while doing one’s rounds in the Polis region.

With Polis being a coastal town, one would be correct in assuming that there are beautiful beaches in the area. The whole of the Latchi area, which is part of the Polis region, is surrounded by blue flag beaches. While most of the beaches are of fine pebbles, it is worth every single step to get into the water. It’s as clear and clean as possible while the area even offers a beachside camping site. There can be fewer purer pleasures than waking up and walking two steps from one’s bed to taking a morning swim in sparkling waters.

And when it comes to enjoying local fresh food, one has to visit one of the taverns on the Latchi beachfront. All the fish is freshly caught and one of the best gastronomic experiences has to be enjoying a leisurely fish meze, accompanied by a bottle of crisp, white wine.  A meal is perfectly rounded off with a plate of fruit which is brought as a dessert; more often than not, it is picked fresh off the trees in the neighbouring fields. As an area, Polis is beautiful. From lazing around the beach, to enjoying the thrill of water sports or just taking in nature with a leisurely forest walk, Polis has everything one would wish for.